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Video Conferencing Solutions Customized for Your Conference Room Needs

You need reliable remote systems for video conferencing and you need them now. Sound Solutions of Ohio is your answer to a comprehensive audio/visual telecommunication system in one easy-to-move cart.


Here’s what you get with a Sound Solutions of Ohio Conference Cart: 

  • CLEAR AND EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION without being in the same room
  • SIMPLE AND RELIABLE solution for remote communication
  • NO MISSED INFORMATION due to subpar equipment
  • PORTABLE and easy to store when not in use
  • CUSTOMIZABLE so you get what you need 



Starting at $10K

Design Your Cart

Tell us about your business and what you are looking for from a portable video conferencing system.

Conference Carts are only limited by your imagination!

  • With the Conference Cart from Sound Solutions of Ohio, you could hold meetings, seminars, and have guest speakers, who aren't located nearby, in your conference room.
  • Your classroom, meeting, or conference could accommodate an expert in the field that is across the country.
  • Business could continue during a pandemic, while we’re being required to socially distance.
  • You could save both time and money by easily having meetings with the modern video conferencing technology in our Conference Cart.


About Sound Solutions of Ohio

Sound Solutions of Ohio engineers have been creating engineered system designs for telecommunication, audio/visual, and security since 1993. Let our team of experts design a custom-built video conferencing system for you, creating an atmosphere of clear and professional remote communication.

Not sure what you need? Let our team of experts work with you to find the perfect solution for your unique setting.


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